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Lawyers in Providence, RI

Legal disputes and disagreements can involve arcane points and obscure precedents, so it's no surprise that many people engage a Providence, RI, lawyer to give them a hand with these unfamiliar items. Fontaine Bell, LLP offers free consultations to new clients so that they can see what we have to offer before deciding to work with us.

With our flexible scheduling, we cater to busy clients with varying schedules. Whether the legal matter under consideration is important, looming litigation or merely a small issue that can be speedily resolved, we'll work hard to protect your rights. Legal terminology can be difficult to understand, but we can break things down into normal language so that you'll know what's going on. Some of the areas of law that we practice in include:

  • Criminal law
  • Personal injury law
  • Workers' compensation law
  • Divorce, alimony, and child support law

Fontaine Bell, LLP has a Providence, RI, lawyer who's focused on giving you the personal attention you deserve. Discuss your legal questions and concerns with us by getting in touch with us today.


Michael P. Fontaine, Esq.